SQS API update (2008-01-01)


Amazon have announced a new API version (2008-01-01) for the Simple Queue Service. The new API promises much cheaper usage fees for the service, but the API update includes a number of major changes that are not compatible with prior API versions.

For those already familiar with SQS, you can find a detailed list of changes in the document Migrating to Amazon SQS API Version 2008-01-01.

This new API works quite differently to the previous versions and will not support all of the features necessary for the examples in the Programming S3... book. In particular, the loss of the ChangeMessageVisibility operation will make it impossible to implement the automated visibility extension mechanism included in the boto service example. The fact that all existing SQS tools will be incompatible with the new API is also problematic for the SQS Applications chapter.

The book is well into the production process and we will not have enough time to update the SQS chapters to cover the new API, especially as we would also have to wait until the third-party libraries and tools we demonstrate to be updated. Keeping up with Amazon is proving to be quite a challenge.

I will write sample code (Ruby, Java, Python) that is compatible with the new API and will include this in the online resources we will make available when the book is released. This code, and a brief summary of API changes, may be as much as we can do to cover the new API in the book.

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