Two New EC2 Instance Types with more CPU Power


Amazon has announced the availability of two new Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance types with increased CPU processing power, bringing the total number of instance types to five.

The new instances are termed "High-CPU" versions, and they have a focus on raw processing power as measured in EC2 Compute Units (ECUs). The following table puts the new c1.medium and c1.xlarge instances in perspective:

Name ECUs Memory Storage Platform Hourly Price

m1.small 1 1.7 GB 160 GB 32-bit 10¢ c1.medium 5 1.7 GB 350 GB 32-bit 20¢ m1.large 4 7.5 GB 850 GB 64-bit 40¢ c1.xlarge 20 7 GB 1690 GB 64-bit 80¢ m1.xlarge 8 15 GB 1690 GB 64-bit 80¢

For a more detailed overview of the instance types available in EC2, see the Instance Types section in the service's API documentation.

Tags: AWS