XCode 3.1 and SVN 1.5


I am reading the book Xcode 3 Unleashed to get to grips with Apple's Xcode IDE.

While configuring a local Subversion code repository I came across a couple of problems that had non-obvious solutions.

After creating an SVN repository in a local directory using the svnadmin create command, Xcode 3.1 refused to recognise the repo and complained about Error: 180001.

Xcode 3 Error 180001

The "solution" to this first stumbling block was to accept the settings anyway, then quit and restart Xcode itself (?!). After doing this, the error message changed to an even more puzzling Access Denied.


This one had me stumped for a little while because all the file and directory access permissions seemed OK. I was put onto the right track by Rastikan's post in the Apple Support forums. It turns out that Xcode 3.1 is not compatible with Subversion versions after 1.4 whereas my system has version 1.5.5.

Fortunately, it is possible to create backwards-compatible Subversion repositories by providing the option --pre-1.5-compatible to the svnadmin command like so:

svnadmin --pre-1.5-compatible create Example2

After creating a 1.4-compatible SVN repository with this command, Xcode recognises it immediately and without a restart. Success!

Having finally gotten Xcode to recognise my SVN repository and after investigating the relatively poor SCM tools and features built in to Xcode, I realise it may actually be easier to manage everything with Subversion's command line tools. Still, at least now I have the option.

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