Other AWS News: HIPAA Compliance, SimpleDB Batch Put


Other AWS news that I haven't yet mentioned...

HIPAA Compliance

Amazon has announced a white paper: Creating HIPAA-Compliant Medical Data Applications with Amazon Web Services.

My JetS3t Java library is mentioned in the blog post among the tools that allow you to easily encrypt data that you store in S3. Check out the JetS3t website or discussion forum to find out more about transparently encrypting the data you store in S3.

SimpleDB Batch Put

The SimpleDB service has been updated with a new BatchPutAttributes operation that allows you to store up to 25 items with a single HTTP request.

Reducing the number of requests used to upload data can significantly speed up write operations, up to two times according to a benchmark mentioned in the announcement. You can read about the new API operation here: BatchPutAttributes.

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