JetS3t 0.8.0, now with extra Google


I have released the newest version of JetS3t, version 0.8.0.

Real Google Storage support

Amongst many other things, this release is the first to include native support for Google Storage for Developers (GS). This means that you can now interact with GS using its own API instead of relying on its (mostly) S3-compatible API. Take a look at the GS sample code.

I would like to thank the Google developers who helped make this possible.

Major changes -- Take care

This release includes more changes to the underlying JetS3t codebase than I've made in a long time, hence the move to version 0.8.x. A broad refactoring was necessary to add the brand new GoogleStorageService, and it's related Google-specific features, in a relatively sane way.

The advantages of all these changes are:

The disadvantages of the rework are:

This release is likely to be more buggy and less stable than you've come to expect from JetS3t. Before you upgrade, be sure to read the full RELEASE_NOTES.txt document and do plenty of testing.

And, of course, file bugs if you find any.

Get the code

Visit the JetS3t web site to download the latest release, and to view the latest code samples and API Javadoc.

The latest version should be available from the official Maven2 repository within a few days.

Change Summary

Here is a summary of new features and changes in this release.

Potentially backwards-incompatible changes:

New support for Google Storage provider:

Bug fixes:

New toolkit functionality:

Cockpit application updates:

Synchronize application updates:

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