JetS3t support for S3 Website Hosting


I have just released code for JetS3t that adds API-level support for Amazon S3's new Website Hosting feature.

With a Website Hosting configuration applied to an S3 bucket, the bucket can serve static content but will also act in a somewhat dynamic way to serve index and error documents if someone visits URL paths that don't match a real file.

This makes it much more feasible to serve static website content from S3 without having to worry about users receiving strange XML error messages if they venture off the beaten track or try to access partial URL paths. In particular, it allows you serve an index.html file from the root of a bucket, just like a real web server.

To find out more read these:

To try out the feature in JetS3t, grab the latest development code and read the example test code to see how it works.

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