JetS3t 0.9.0 Released


The newest version of JetS3t has been released and is now available for download: JetS3t 0.9.0

This release has been a long time coming, sorry about that. I had intended to get a release out late last year but personal factors left me short of time: relocating back to Australia from the U.S. and helping out with our newly-arrived baby boy have kept me pretty busy.

Still, the 0.9.0 version is now official. Here are some of the major new features and improvements.

HttpComponents Upgrade

A major change in the new version is JetS3t's use of the newer 4.x generation of the key HttpClient library (now more accurately called HttpComponents). The older HttpClient 3.x had been end-of-lifed and while it still worked fine, relying on the obsolete version was not a good long-term option.

I need to thank two contributors in particular for doing a lot of this work. Cheers to Gilles Gaillard and David Kocher for their invaluable work; the upgrade wouldn't have happened without them.

Note that since this upgrade involved updates to the core JetS3t HTTP code layer, there is a risk of subtle bugs in the HTTP handling with this release. I think the risk is small and some people have been using the pre-release 0.9.0 code successfully for a while now, but when you update to 0.9.0 it's worth doing a little more testing than you might normally.

Here are some of the new service-specific features.

Amazon S3

Google Storage


Please grab the latest version, try it out and let me know how it goes.

Visit the JetS3t web site to download the latest packaged release, view the code samples or read the API Javadoc.

For a more complete list of changes see the Release History or Release Notes documents.

Or go to the BitBucket developer site to access the latest code, report issues in the bug tracker, and contribute to the project.

P.S. The latest release is on its way to the official Maven2 repository and should be available within a day or so.

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