xml4h: XML for Humans in Python - 0.1.0 alpha


It's been quiet here for a while; it's about time I announced a new project.

Last week I released the first alpha version of xml4h, a library I have created to make it easier to do non-trivial XML processing in Python.

You can find it on:

I made xml4h because I enjoy working with Python -- it's been my language of choice for a while now -- but I always found it painful to work with XML using the tools available there. Of course, dealing with XML tends to be painful in its own right, but the existing Python tools only made it harder. Although there was an excellent base of fast, efficient and powerful XML processing tools, interacting with them always seemed to be harder than it should be.

For years I kept an eye out for a better way, until finally of got off my arse and built it myself.

Right now xml4h is young, a little rough, and likely to undergo changes: in other words it's an alpha. My hope is it will grow quickly into a powerful and intuitive tool that makes it as easy to do XML in Python as it now is to do HTTP or to do SQL.

If you're into Python and have felt XML-induced pain, it would be great if you could try it out and provide feedback, bug reports, and code to help move the project in the right direction.

Let's make this thing awesome.

Tags: Coding Python